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How to Install a Dash Panel from Daystar

The first step in every installation is verifying you have everything to do the installation. Verify that all the nuts, bolts, and brackets are included, and gather the tools you will need. Most instructions tell what tools you will need. Don’t get worried if you get a lot of extra hardware, as most manufacturers include all the hardware for every application. You’ll just have to figure out which works for your specific application.

This installation was on a 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK. The exact steps for your application may vary slightly but the overall process will be the same for most receiver hitches.

Use a flat tip screw driver and a paper towel to release the clips in the rear of the stock trim panel. Place the paper towel over the tip of the screw driver to keep from scratching the dash.

Lift up on the panel and pull back to release.

Turn the panel over and use a Phillips screw driver to remove 2 screws that attach the compass module.

Use your flat screw driver to pop the two clips off the tabs on the panel.

Use needle nose pliers to compress the clips so they will clamp on the new panel.

Install the clips on the tabs on the Daystar panel.

Use your Phillips screw driver to install the compass module on the new panel.

Rotate the panel over so you can install it from the front first so it will catch the dash and snap the two clips in place.

Now you have a groovy tray for phones, keys, notes, or whatever you need to put there.