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How to Install a Billet Grille Overlay

Always the first step in every installation is verifying you have everything to do the installation. Verify that all the nuts, bolt, and brackets are included, and gather the tools you will need. Don’t get worried if you get a lot of extra hardware, as most manufacturers include all the hardware for every application. You’ll just have to figure out which works for your specific application.

This installation was on a F-150 SuperCab and we chose the overlay style that does not allow the emblem to show through. The exact steps for your application may vary slightly but the overall process will be the same for any grille overlay.

remove nuts along back top edge

Remove 6 nuts along the back top edge of your grille, and 2 bolts on either side that attach the grille brackets to the hood and remove the grille.

remove emblem

Remove the emblem from the grille.

position overlay

Position the overlay and check for fit. We had to bend some of the tabs across the top of the overlay to make it fit inside our grille shell.

unstall threaded studs

Install the 6 threaded studs into the tabs on the back of the overlay.

center overlay in grille shell

Center the overlay in the grille shell and make sure the studs go through the honeycomb grille. Place the six flat powder-coated brackets on the studs and secure with lock nuts.

reinstall the grille

Reinstall the grille and stand back and admire your work. Total installation time should be around 45 minutes. Now you have that cool custom billet look while still protecting your factory components.