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Ford Truck History


Ford Truck Henry Ford built his third vehicle in 1908. It was a Ford truck.

In 1917 Ford introduced the Model T One-Ton truck chassis. This was the first chassis built specifically for a truck.

The first factory assembled truck debuts in 1925. The price tag was $281 and the features included a cargo box, four stake pockets, heavy duty rear springs and an adjustable tailgate.

1928 Brings us the Model A Open Cab Pickup and the AA Chassis is created.

1932 Gives us an all new Model B Ford truck, a new Model BB truck chassis, and the Ford flathead V8.

The Ford F-Series debuts with trucks ranging from the F-1 Series half-ton pickups to the F-8 Series 3 ton trucks in 1948.

In 1953 the F-1 turned into the F100.

Ford introduces the first F250 in four wheel drive.

1965 Is a big year for Ford with Twin I-beam front suspension, greatly improving the ride, “Ranger” becomes a styling package, and the F-250 is available in a four-door version.

Ford introduced the SuperCab in 1974.

The F100 becomes the F150 in 1975.

1980 Gives us the first redesign of the F150.

The F Series 6.9 liter diesel V-8 arrives in 1983.

Petersen’s 4-Wheel and Off-Road magazine names the new Ford Ranger “4x4 of the Year” in 1986.

In 1988 the F150 debuts as a 4x4 SuperCab model.

A driver’s side air bag becomes standard equipment in 1994.

The F Series becomes the world’s best selling nameplate in 1995, above the Volkswagen Beetle.

Ford builds a few NASCAR edition F150 trucks in 1998.

The 6.0 liter Power Stroke diesel engine becomes available in 2003.

In 2009 the first engine capable of using E85 ethanol is offered as an engine option.

More History

The following historical data of the Ford F-Series Truck, manufactured by Ford Motor Company, was retrieved from many sources.

This is only a brief overview of certain important events in the history of the Ford F-Series Truck. The Ford Truck was named the Ford F-Series starting in 1976. A Luxury Lariat trim was added in 1978.

1978 Ford F150 A major overhaul of the Ford Truck was accomplished in 1980 with a more square look with trims being XL, XLT, XLT Lariat. In 1983, the Ford F-150 replaced the Ford F-100 and became a mighty success for many, many years.

In 1985 fuel injection was added to the Ford F-Series and rear anti-lock brakes became standard in 1987. 1988 saw all carburetors dropped and fuel injection was standard.

2006 Ford F150 Making four-wheeling enthusiasts happy, Ford introduced automatic-locking hubs in 1989. The Ford F-Series saw new technology available in 1994 with the CD player, driver-side airbags, and a third brake light for enhanced safety.

The Ford F-250 was offered in 1998 along with the Lightning, Harley-Davidson, and King Ranch versions. And, in 2004, the P2-Platform was utilized by Ford for it's trucks.

2006 has a Harley-Davidson trim line offered.

For more information, visit our Ford Truck Facts section as well.

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Ford F-Series Timeline

1976: First Ford Truck F-Series
1978: Luxury Lariat Trim Added
1980: Major Redesign
1983: F-100 Replaced with F-150
1985: Fuel Injection Introduced
1987: Rear Anti-Locks Standard
1988: Carburetors Dropped
International Harvester Diesel Added
1989: Automatic-Locking Hubs Added
1994: CD Players Available
Driver-Side Airbags Added
Third Brake Light Added
1998: F-250 Offered
Lightning, Harley Davidson, King Ranch Available
2004: P2-Platform Utilized
2006: Harley Davidson Trim Available In All-Wheel Drive