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Everything and More about Tonneau Covers

tonneau cover Rest assured there is a tonneau cover available for every truck made in the last 20 years. BAK, TonnoPro, Lund, and Bestop are some of the top manufacturers. Mopar, GM, Ford, Nissan, and Toyota offer OEM tonneau covers for most of their trucks. Just jump online and search Dodge Ram tonneau cover or Silverado tonneau cover and be amazed at your choices.

Tonneau covers have come a long way in the last 30 years. There are more styles than you can imagine and more brands available than you can shake a stick at. Prices range from $250 to $2000. It's not hard to find one that fits your budget. These covers are made from many different materials. Fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl and plastics are just a few. They can be hinged or they can fold, snap or roll up, they are even made in retractable styles.

With more than 15 different manufacturers, competition gets pretty intense in the tonneau cover world. While this may make life hard for the manufacturers, it's a great thing for the consumer. Competition keeps everyone on their toes, producing good quality products and developing better designs.

Most tonneau covers employ strategically placed weather seals, carefully angled to channel water away from your cargo. Many use raised or arched support pieces to encourage moisture runoff. Most do an outstanding job of keeping your gear dry in nasty weather. Tonneau covers not only keep your stuff safer from the elements and prying eyes, but they create a more aerodynamic profile, which will improve your fuel mileage, an industry agreed upon, five percent. There have even been some documented cases of ten percent.

There are several styles of tonneau covers available.

Roll Up Cover

These are usually manufactured from 100% aluminum that is powder-coated with a felt-lined underside to protect your bed rails. They are completely lockable and feature a flush design that allows full access to your bed rails and stake pockets, when open. Some even feature intermittent locking positions every 12 inches when closing, yet still open effortlessly. These tonneau covers are available in a stylish black finish to compliment every truck color.

Folding Cover

These flip or fold back to open and most are manufactured with a slightly textured black surface from UV resistant ABS laminate over a honeycomb core. The core makes them strong enough to support up to 200lbs of evenly distributed weight. When fully open, this cover allows you to haul tall loads, like a fridge, against the back of the cab because it flips all the way up, like a headache rack. It even locks in place. This style works great with tie down posts, bed rails, overhead racks, and bed extenders because it mounts inside the truck's rails. The panels are connected with a seamless rubber seal designed to never leak and to outlast your truck. This bed cover weighs about 35 lbs and can be removed in less than 10 minutes should the need arise.

Fiberglass Cover

Probably the most popular style of bed cover. It’s manufactured from fiberglass so, it can be painted to match your truck. This style is hinged at the front of the bed and simply lifts, with gas assist hinges, from the rear and completely lockable. This style has been popular for years but, tends to be the more expensive and not as quickly adaptable to changing conditions as the others. This cover is heavy and once its installed you can’t just run out and jerk it off in 15 minutes it you decide to haul a motocross bike or lawn mower.

Before you purchase a tonneau cover, tonno cover, or bed cover, do your research online and in retail stores. Think about the types of things you haul and find a style that accommodates all your hauling needs. All ways be sure to purchase from a trusted source. Do you need professional installation or if you’re comfortable DIY? If you need professional installation, check the shops in your area because they are most likely a dealer for a specific brand. If you’re a DIY guy, and purchase online, be sure to consider the shipping expenses. And lastly, always remember to check the manufacturer’s warranty.

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