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Chevy Truck History

Chevy Truck History

The following historical data of the Chevy Silverado, manufactured by General Motors, was retrieved from many sources.

1973 Chevy Truck This is only a brief overview of certain important events in the history of the Chevy Silverado Truck; before 1999 the Chevy Silverado was only a trim level. The Chevy Truck was known as C/K from 1962 to 1998. "C" was for the 2wd Chevy Truck and the "K" was for the 4wd.

1975 was the year Silverado was introduced as a trim package. 1981 brought about auto-locking hubs which was very popular with truck enthusiasts.

2000 Chevy Silverado 1984 saw the first major change to the Chevy Truck in over 15 years of production with changes to the front-end of the truck.

In 2001, GM started it's Heavy Duty models and in 2003 the Silverado SS was hatched. 2004 was the year that the Vortec High Output (VHO) was rolled out which was popular among truck enthusiasts. GM launched it's first Hybrid Silverado in the 2005. For more information, visit our Chevy Silverado Truck Facts section as well.

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Chevy Silverado Timeline

1973: Chevy Trucks Are Known By C/K:
C: 2 Wheel Drive
K: 4 Wheel Drive
1975: Silverado Introduced As A Trim Package
1981: Automatic Locking Hubs Introduced
2001: Heavy Duty Models Introduced
2003: Silverado SS Introduced
2004: Vortec High Output Introduced
2500 Only Available As Heavy Duty
2005: GM Launches First Silverado Hybrid