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An Inside Job – Installing a Sherwood Dash Kit in your Car

Are you ready for a change in your car? Don’t buy a new one. Ugh! New car payments – no fun. Why not just upgrade the one you have? There are aftermarket car accessories available for just about every make and model manufactured. The inside is probably where you spend the most time. Why not upgrade the dash with a dash kit? They are available in every finish you can imagine from wood and brushed aluminum to carbon fiber to color. You can do as little as you want or as much as you want. Completely change the look or just add a few pieces. Dash kits are available from 4 pieces to 49 pieces. You pick the kit that fits your style and your budget. There are several manufacturers that specialize in car dash treatments like Mopar, Sherwood Dash and Benevento. Sherwood has been around for many years and is an innovator in interior trim kits.

Dash Kit Sherwood Dash Inc. was incorporated on February 1st, 1997. Prior to which, they operated as a Division of Centro Manufacturing for 3 years. In October of 1999, Sherwood Dash Inc. purchased the assets of TrimMaster Inc., a major competitor in the dash industry with a strong presence in the OE market. The new company is known as Sherwood Dash Inc. The company operates out of Toronto, Ontario and the product line now includes real wood dashes, graphic dashes and molded dashes. In a few short years Sherwood Dash has grown from three employees to a dedicated and diverse team. In 2006 they were awarded TS16949 certification, the highest quality standard in the industry. Sherwood Dash has come a long way in a short period of time and the result is a superior quality product at an exceptional price.

There are 2 styles of dash kits available; 3D molded and 2D molded or flat. Molded dash kits are not made for all vehicles, only for the ones that can not be covered by a flat kit due to a 3D shaped dash surface. Some kits come in combo kits that consist of 3D and 2D formed parts that go on top of your original dashboard. Molded dash kits are made of premium synthetic materials and are put through numerous tests to ensure that your product lasts a lifetime through the harshest conditions. Flat Dash Kits are part of the largest collection you will find and are available in a variety of materials. You can choose from genuine woods, real carbon fibers, simulated graphics and factory matches. Flat dash kits have all flat pieces that go on flat or curved dash surfaces. All kits are installed with pre-applied automotive grade adhesive to provide maximum stick that will resist extreme temperatures.

Dash Kit We got a late start with the installation one Friday after lunch. Rain was threatening and our shop was too full to get the Charger inside but we trudged on anyway. Our 45 piece Genuine Burlwood kit for the Dodge Charger from Sherwood Dash had arrived including alcohol wipes, adhesive promoter and instructions. We began sorting the pieces and test fitting in the parking lot under threatening clouds. Sherwood has excellent installation instructions on their website. A diagram of the dash showing each piece of the kit and its location made this process much easier. After we were confident that we knew where and just how everything needed to be positioned, the process got pretty easy. Just clean with the alcohol wipe, apply the promoter with a small cloth, peel the adhesive backing from your piece, and position. When the piece is positioned like you want it, apply pressure to make sure there are no air bubbles underneath. Most pieces are easily handled by one person but it helps to have an extra pair of hands on some of the larger pieces. Just clean, apply promoter, peel, and stick. Sherwood included pieces to accommodate both A/C options available on the Charger, manual and automatic and added a little touch of class with chrome trim rings for the instrument panel. The installation was simple and even when the skies opened up on our little party, it wasn’t a problem. We just shut the doors and turned the air conditioner on. This installation can be almost completely done while sitting in the front seats.

Two people invested about an hour and a half of labor and the cost of the kit was $254.95. I’ve always loved the interior of the Dodge Chargers, but after the dash kit was installed this Charger moved way up the style ladder. The interior of this car went from nice to rich and sophisticated. A whole new feeling comes over you now sitting inside the car. This is one customization that literally anyone can do. No tools and no cutting, just clean, peel, and stick.

Sherwood Dash provides a high-quality product and keeps installation easy. With 18 finishes to choose from including wood, metal, and carbon fibers, you won’t have any trouble finding just the right look for your car. Get your wood dash kit ordered today. This is an upgrade that will more than pay for its self both in your enjoyment and the increase in resale value you’ll gain.