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Are Lug Nuts

How To Get A Stripped Lug Nut Off A Tire At Home ? Easy Tips

Although it is not too big or has a complicated structure, the stripped lug nut is still a nightmare for anyone who encounters it. Especially when working with tires, these lugs cause us more severe trouble.

If you do not know how to manipulate but only use force, you will crack or break the rim while the lug nut will not loosen.

You will need essential knowledge from the article below to deal with this annoying problem. Look closely for proper application, and you can remove these stubborn nuts from the tire frame.

What Are Lug Nuts?

What Are Lug Nuts

Lug nuts are a type of screw responsible for tightening and fixing the tire to the rim frame and axle. All kinds of vehicles using four or more wheels, such as cars, trucks to trailers, use many screws. 

These details have a long round shape with large and trim ends. In contrast, ordinary nuts have only a flat. Some lug nuts even come in impressive lengths to accommodate oversized rims. 

Also, because of this unique design, you will need specialized tools to remove and install lug nuts. 

The problem does not stop here because if the nut is stuck deep inside, it will be difficult for you to remove these details. Even if the edges of the belt wear out and come off, it takes a lot of work to tighten it again. In the worst case, you must remove the entire rim with an external force.

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Can a Bad Lug Nut Damage My Car? 

Can a Bad Lug Nut Damage My Car

Stripped lug nuts will not directly affect your car like many other problems. However, these damaged nuts will still jeopardize travel in ways you wouldn’t have thought of.

Unable to remove the tire 

Moving with the wrong tire model is never a safe option. Not to mention that you will have to replace the product if the product is damaged or has too many patches. 

Unfortunately, if the lug nut is stuck inside, it is impossible to remove the tire. This results in all parts, from the rim to the tire, sticking together. And you will not be able to carry out the dismantling for replacement or repair.

The wheel slips off the rim

Not only the screw that is too tight, but the screw that is too loose will also indirectly cause many risks for us when moving. 

If you turn green enough, the tire will come out of the rim by itself in case the nut is not strong enough to hold this part. If this were to happen, the result would be extremely dire. 

So you have to pay more attention to these seemingly minor details.

Types of lug nuts that do not match the lug nut size chart of the vehicle can also negatively affect the suspension or balance system.

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How Do Lug Nuts Get Stripped?

How Do Lug Nuts Get Stripped

There are three leading causes of stripped lug nuts that I have documented. You should look closely to know the characteristics of each problem and take appropriate precautions.

Corrosion and rust

Most lug nuts are made of metal that is not resistant to rust. While the rim where this nut is fixed to the tire is also often covered with mud or rain on the road. 

These adverse factors combine to cause the nuts to rust and deform quickly. Ultimately creating dangerous problems for us when moving. In addition, loosening rusted lug nuts is also extremely difficult and easy to effects the whole part and

Wrong Socket

A too-wide or tight nut will become obstacles for us to manipulate. 

However, the result will be even worse if you use the wrong tool. With devices with larger heads, we cannot operate normally. In contrast, sockets with smaller headers will cause more difficulties for us after each use.

Incorrect Torque

Over-tightening is also a cause of lug nut problems. Therefore, you should consult the manufacturer’s recommendations before handling. Ensure you don’t apply too much or too little force while fixing the belt.

How to Remove a Stuck or Stripped Lug Nut?

How to Remove a Stuck or Stripped Lug Nut

With these five ways, you’ll quickly get a stripped lug nut off a tire no matter what loose lug nuts causes. However, if you don’t find an effective method, you should ask for the help of skilled workers.

Extractor Socket/Hammer/Breaker Bar

  • To perform this method, you need to use the extractor socket to insert it first. the nut is stuck inside. 
  • Next, use a hammer to hit the socket hard to push the stuck nut out, loosening the grip of this part. Be careful when handling it so as not to injure yourself
  • When you see that the lug nut is wide enough to work with ordinary tools, stop applying the force and start unscrewing the nuts
  • . is to replace old or damaged parts with new ones 


If you have a soldering iron, you have one of the best tire nut removers. This device is even more effective if you use it to loosen frozen lug nuts. The operation with the torch is also quite simple, but you need to be careful when doing it.

  • Direct the lamp to the nut position, then start the heat and spray
  • Temperature stable so that the lug nut slowly heats up and loosens.
  • Keepalkali or suitable tools to remove the damaged nut
  • Replace with a better quality nut.


  • Use a grinder to saw and smooth the edges around the lug nut; remember to apply oil before starting the operation.
  • Bring the flag in and start to rotate it in the correct direction
  • Remove the old nut and replace the nut. New screws

This method often damages aluminum rims, so you need to think carefully before doing it.


  • Place the screwdriver in the correct direction of the stripped lug nut off 
  • Use the chisel to push the placed screwdriver in the right direction
  • Again, use the pointed end of the screwdriver as a lever to insert the nut up
  • Use a hammer to strike the levering tool
  • Repeat until the nut comes out.

How To Avoid Stripped Lug Nuts?

Whether discount tire lug nuts or lug nuts on luxury cars, you need to find ways to avoid corrosive agents. 

This common risk can be minimized by washing and drying your car regularly. 

In addition, you will also have to learn how to work with the right tools and use the proper force. If you do not know how to deal with lug nuts, you should ask experienced people for assistance.


Getting a how to remove a stripped lug nut without tools is a difficult question, especially after you have read all the information in today’s article. 

Keep these tips in mind, as you will need them in the future.

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