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Dodge Dakota Facts -

Dodge Dakota Information

The following facts about the Dodge Dakota, manufactured by Daimler Chrysler, were retrieved from many sources. We only strive to point out major facts that could be most useful to our customers here. 

Since being first introduced in 1987, the Dodge Dakota truck is known as the Dodge Ram's brother. To the right, and below, are some interesting facts about the Dodge Dakota.

The Dodge Dakota is classified as a mid-size pickup truck. The Dodge Dakota is body-on-frame constructed with leaf spring/live axle rear end.

The Dodge Ram is built in the Warren Truck Assembly in Warren, Michigan as of late 2006.

The Dodge Dakota was the first work truck to sport a rack and pinion system. Dodge Dakota is only offered in Club Cab or Quad Cab after 2006.

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Dodge Dakota Truck
Produced By: Daimler Chrysler
Years: 1987 - Present
Type: Mid Size Pickup




Generation 1 - Dodge Dakota
Produced: 1987 - 1996
Body Type: 2 Door Pickup
2 Door Convertible
Engine Size: 2.2L K I4
3.9L LA V6
2.5L K I4
5.2L LA V8
3.9L Magnum V6
5.2L Magnum V8
2.5L AMC I4
Generation 2 - Dodge Dakota
Produced: 1997 - 2004
Body Type: 2 Door pickup truck
4 Door pickup truck
Engine Size: 2.5L AMC I4
3.9L Magnum V6
5.2L Magnum V8
5.9L Magnum V8
4.7L Powertech V8
3.7L Powertech V6







Generation 3 - Dodge Dakota
Produced: 2004 - Present
Body Type: 2 Door pickup truck
4 Door pickup truck
Engine Size: 3.7L Powertech V6
4.7L Powertech V8
4.7L H.O. Powertech V8

More Dodge Dakota Facts

The Dodge Dakota was conceived by Chrysler management as the first mid-sized pickup combining the nimble handling and fuel economy of a compact pickup with cargo handling capacity approaching that of full-sized pickups.

In 1989 the Dodge Dakota was available with a convertible top.

In 1990 the Club Cab was introduced, and allowed the Dakota to boast capacity for six passengers, although the rear seat was best suited for children or shorter adults.

The 1997 through 2004 Dakota inherited the semi truck look of the larger Dodge Ram.

1998 saw the introduction of the Dodge Dakota R/T with a 5.9L V8 engine.

In 2000 the Dakota was equipped with a four-door Quad Cab.

2005 saw the Dodge Dakota redesigned again with an all-new front end.

2008 Dakota was given a facelift and redesigned interior

Fiat announced that the Dodge Dakota will be discontinued in 2011.

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