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Dodge Ram Bed Caps

Dodge Ram bed caps offer the perfect solution to keep the sides of your pickup truck bed from getting damaged when loading and unloading cargo, tools, and materials. AutoTruckToys offers a wide array of Ram truck bed rail caps and protection in different finishes and materials such as diamond plate bed caps, chrome, ABS composite, and polished stainless steel among others. You're sure to find the right set for your Ram 1500, 2500 or 3500 including pickup bed rail covers, tailgate protectors and front box protectors.

Dodge Ram Bed Rail Caps Styles, Finishes, and Material

Protecting the bed of your Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 are a top priority when you carry a lot of equipment, tools, or cargo. That is why we want to help you protect your bed from dents, scratches and dings while giving you a nice addition to let your truck stand out. Check out the different finishes, styles and material our Dodge truck bed caps are made from to protect your truck.

Dodge Truck Bed Cap Styles

Bed Caps for Dodge trucks come in a variety of styles to meet your needs. If you are a Ram owner that needs your stake holes, no problem. We carry almost all of our Dodge Ram bed rail caps with the option of having stake holes or no stake holes. If a little added grip when sliding cargo into the bed of your Ram truck is what you need then try our ribbed texture Dodge truck caps that offer ridges for that extra grip. If you like the look and functionality of the Dodge Ram bed rails and want the added protection of the Dodge Ram bed caps then check out our Putco Dodge Ram bed caps that install with bed rails.

Dodge Ram Bed Cap Finishes

Dodge Truck bed rail caps have many different finishes to choose from so you can match your existing trim of your Ram truck. Bed caps come in polished stainless steel to give your truck that classic look you like that makes it stand out or maybe you would like to keep the look of your Dodge Ram accessories subtle. No problem Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 bed caps also come in ABS Composite black and camo with both shiny and matte finishes. If you already have your Ram truck outfitted with chrome diamond tread we can help you out there too. We have both Dodge truck bed caps with just diamond tread finish and a hybrid diamond tread, ABS composite finish. So if you already have diamond tread or ABS composite Dodge Ram truck accessories we can match either one.

Material Dodge Ram Bed Caps are made from

Dodge Ram bed caps are made from many different materials to please anyone looking for long lasting added protection. If you already have a specific type of material your Dodge Ram accessories are catered to that is OK. We offer bed caps made from ABS Composite material that is scratch and dent resistant so you know it is durable, Aluminum polished to a high shine so you know it won't rust, and strong Polished Stainless steel. All of our Dodge Ram bed rail caps are coated in a powder coat to give it a long lasting finish sure to endure the life of your Ram pickup.

All of our Dodge Ram bed caps are easily installed and require no professional installation. If you want added protection for your tailgate, check out our Dodge Ram tailgate protection and find the top cap protection you need.

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