Hypertech Ford F-Series Max Energy Power Programmer

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The Hypertech Ford F-Series Max Energy Power Programmer is the perfect upgrade for truck owners looking to draw out more power and performance from their engine. This simple to use, hand held unit utilizes Hypertechs extensive testing, engineering, and data to implement performance tuning packages to your vehicle based on fuel type. Each unit is able to boost horsepower and torque while providing better fuel mileage and towing prowess.

The Max Energy also carries a host of other features, expanding on its usefulness and making it a valuable tool. Depending on model, additional features include the ability to adjust cooling fan temperature activation, speed and rev limiter ranges, speedometer adjustment for larger wheels and tires, and transmission shift points and firmness. The Max Energy can also read and clear OBDII trouble codes.
  • Tuning for different octanes gives you added power
  • Can improve fuel economy when used properly
  • Raise or lower top-speed limiter
  • Adjust specifications on rev-limiter
  • Adjust automatic transmission shift points and shift firmness
  • Recalibrate for non-stock tire sizes and/or rear gear ratios
  • Lower the cooling fan on/off temperatures
  • Read and clear trouble codes and turn off "check engine" lights
  • Allows software updates over the internet (USB cable included)
The Hypertech Ford F-Series Max Energy Power Programmer can give your truck faster acceleration times, increased towing power, better throttle response, and improved fuel mileage. Each unit is designed to be user friendly, internet updatable, and completely reliable. Whenever you want to return your vehicle back to its original settings, just use the tuner and follow the onscreen instructions.
Allows custom tuning for increased horsepower and torque gains. Optimizes engine performance based on fuel type. Enables adjustment or removal of top speed and rev limiters, cooling fan activation temperature ranges, transmission shift firmness, and speedometer calibrations. Easy to use interface with a handheld design.
Plugs into standard OBDII port using included cable. Can be updated with latest tuning using included USB cable and software. Easy to use, friendly interface walks you through applying tuning packages.
"Installation was so easy. Had to update it on my computer for my vehicle but it was no problem. Wow what a difference in performance. Highly recommend this product."
Mike. Chilliwack, B.C.
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Richard R
Farmerville, LA
Hypertech Max Engine Power Programmer

It took about 15 minutes to set up with PC to download updates and install them into the engine everything is plug and play and easy to use. The difference in the power of the engine is quite noticeable shift points are different, there's normal power, the increased power, then there's HEMIPOWER. I live in the country and tow Campers, boats, tractors, 4 Wheelers. This chip has helped with my gas mileage which was good without it but no it's a marked increase. I would recommend this product to anyone who is serious about their Hemi.

HyperTech Max Energy Power Programmer

Downloaded latest tuner upgrade for my 2010 vehicle installed high performance option and open the gates! Wow what a difference in power gain. My onboard EVIC recorded a 0-60 in 4.7 seconds. Cant wait to run the quarter-mile at my local drag strip! Before the tune I ran a 14.0/101. With the tune expect to at least get a 13/110 or better time!

Chilliwack, B.C.

Installation was so easy. Had to update it on my computer for my vehicle but it was no problem. Wow what a difference in performance. Highly recommend this product


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