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Dodge Charger
Floor Mats

Though the Charger is one of the most stylish performance vehicles Dodge has to offer, its floorboards can get dirty just like any others. With a new set of aftermarket Charger floor mats, it’s incredibly easy to keep your interior looking clean, all while adding great custom style. With an automobile as sleek and powerful as the Charger, maintaining a clean look both inside and out is essential.

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$101.18 - $229.43
$74.95 - $169.95
(50 customer reviews)
Laser measured for a flawless fit, DigitalFit liners offer weatherproof protection and very stylish coverage.
$73.95 - $176.95
$48.95 - $129.95
(31 customer reviews)
Classic liners offer a diamond tread pattern, a formidable containment area, and a solid lifetime guarantee.
$78.95 - $240.95
$56.95 - $179.95
(19 customer reviews)
A Form-Fit Edge, arched ribs, and lifetime warranty give WeatherBeater liners the edge in floor protection.
$58.44 - $214.44
$44.95 - $149.95
(0 customer reviews)
These OEM quality slush mats use deep ribs to trap mess, a contoured fitment, and great logo options for style.
$45.44 - $188.44
$34.95 - $144.95
(0 customer reviews)
Keep your interior’s factory style intact while improving comfort, floor defense, and custom brand logos.
$51.94 - $188.44
$39.95 - $144.95
(0 customer reviews)
These production style mats are made to the exact factory specifications of your vehicle’s original OEM carpet mats.
$60.68 - $107.93
$44.95 - $79.95
(0 customer reviews)
Even sub-zero weather can’t harm these durable liners and the ten year warranty insures sturdy floor protection.
$145.93 - $164.56
$99.95 - $114.95
(2 customer reviews)
Choose Catch-It Carpet liners for a deep, channeled design that offers the look and feel of real carpet.
$108.58 - $122.56
$79.95 - $84.95
(7 customer reviews)
Flexible, durable craftsmanship and a special channeled design allow Catch-It liners to work in any environment.
$169.20 - $310.80
$141.00 - $259.00
(0 customer reviews)
Luxe mats offer luxury carpeting, staunch protection, and Lloyd’s best warranty, all with custom logo options.
$47.88 - $87.48
$39.90 - $72.90
(0 customer reviews)
The Protector series delivers superior all-weather floor protection with clear, low-profile vinyl.
$59.88 - $155.88
$49.90 - $129.90
(0 customer reviews)
Rubbertite floor mats provide a truly modern design and all-weather floor protection in a variety of colors.
$130.85 - $239.88
$109.90 - $199.90
(0 customer reviews)
TrueBerber mats deliver the heaviest, most comfortable berber construction available on today’s market.
$104.28 - $195.48
$86.90 - $162.90
(0 customer reviews)
If you want a luxury look and feel without sacrificing strong floor defense, choose Ultimats.
$83.88 - $160.68
$69.90 - $133.90
(0 customer reviews)
Replace your factory mats with a smooth, customizable set of Velourtex floor mats, all for an affordable price.
$47.18 - $53.93
$34.95 - $44.95
(0 customer reviews)
Using a universal fitment, All Weather mats provide modern style, lasting protection, and an easy clean-up.
(0 customer reviews)
Brite Tread plating fused with an OEM quality composite delivers unmatched style and floor defense.
$39.99 - $55.93
$34.95 - $39.95
(0 customer reviews)
Show off your school pride and get all-weather floor protection with universal fit Collegiate Logo slush mats.
$48.93 - $55.93
$34.95 - $39.95
(0 customer reviews)
Weatherproof floor protection and official baseball team logos make these slush mats a great buy.
$48.93 - $55.93
$34.95 - $39.95
(0 customer reviews)
A modern design and authentic NBA logos make these slush mats the stylish choice in all-weather floor coverage.
$48.93 - $55.93
$34.95 - $39.95
(0 customer reviews)
Get solid floor defense for your factory carpet and show off your NFL team pride with FanMats slush mats.
$53.93 - $60.68
$39.95 - $44.95
(1 customer reviews)
The Weatherpro series delivers modern design, all-weather floor protection, and stylish vehicle logos.
(1 customer reviews)
For comfortable support, factory style, and custom stitched vehicle logos, choose Plasticolor Carpet Floor Mats.
$14.95 - $44.95
(14 customer reviews)
Plasticolor Slush Floor Mats use a unique design, bold vehicle logos, and a tough, rubberized construction.
Given that the Charger is made for performance, use in harsh climates or rough terrain is rare. Most owners strive for additional style, and since carpet mess remains relatively moderate, a great choice in floor protection is a set of custom or OEM style carpet mats. Offering luxury comfort and impeccable style, factory quality, carpet floor mats are the perfect choice for a vehicle like the Charger. By adding a set of luxury Charger floor mats, you’ll upgrade your interior and maintain a much cleaner floor space.

AutoTruckToys is proud to offer a giant selection of Charger floor mats, varying in style, design, and color. From custom to universal, you’ll find just the right set of carpet floor mats for your Dodge Charger with AutoTruckToys. Top brand names like Lloyd, FanMats, and Plasticolor can help give your Charger an incredibly custom interior, all while delivering exceptional floor coverage. Quality comes at a reasonable price with our Charger floor mats, so protect your factory carpet and add a personal touch to the interior’s appearance by picking up a set today.