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WeatherTech All-Weater Floor Liners precision crafted to provide superior floor protection and retain their durability even in the most grueling climates. Constructed from tough yet durable thermoplastic, these liners can easily absorb impacts and resist extreme temperatures. Their uniquely channeled design and heightened edges retain mess and debris, eliminating overflow and carpet stains. The use of a proprietary resin prevents cracks and breaks while the non-stick surface lets you quickly clean off even the worst messes with only a hose. WeatherTech also designed the All-Weather series with anti-skid ridges and nibs, keeping them set firmly for solid coverage. Covered by a ten year manufacturer warranty, WeatherTech All Weather Floor Liners are built with superior craftsmanship for truly unmatched floor protection.


Crafted from an extremely durable thermoplastic

WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Liners are manufactured using only the toughest thermoplastic materials. This durable construction creates an intense resistance to harsh weather, mud, liquids, and even salt. No matter what climate you live in, All-Weather floor liners can handle it. Even the coldest sub-zero temperatures won’t harden or crack these amazing liners. When you need floor protection that stays versatile in even the most unforgiving conditions, choose WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Liners. Sleet, snow, and rain don’t care about your interior. WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats make sure that no matter what you track into your floor, your carpet is protected.

Employs anti-skid ridges for safety

A floor liner that shifts around on your carpet is an accident waiting to happen. Fortunately, safety is always a priority with WeatherTech. Using both anti-skid ridges and a nibbed backing, All-Weather floor liners stay tightly fixed to your factory carpet. By eliminating dangerous movement, these liners not only have better floor coverage, they help keep you safe on the road.

Deep channel design to hold in liquid, mud, and debris

To keep harmful substances off your carpet and shoes, All-Weather floor liners use a fully channeled design. Not only is it excellent for protection, but it also gives WeatherTech floor liners a contoured modern style. Damage to your carpet and footwear is easily eliminated with a set of stylish All-Weather floor liners. Defend your floorboard from serious damage and upgrade your interior appearance with WeatherTech.

Non-stick surface for easy cleaning

Cleaning a set of All-Weather floor liners is incredibly fast and simple. Simply turn on your garden hose, spray them off, and dry them. It doesn’t get any easier. Dirt and debris simply can’t hold on to the floor liners non-stick surface. The surface also protects against stains from nasty spills, helping to keep All-Weather floor liners stylish for many years to come.

Proprietary resin prevents cracking, curling, and tearing

To keep All-Weather floor liners flexible for lasting use, Weather-Tech employs a special resin. This enables the floor liners to retain their normal shape, even after sharp bends and intense curling. This resin also prevents cracks and tears, helping to maintain solidity. WeatherTech provides some of the most dependable liners available today, and with a set of All-Weather floor liners, you can see the difference for yourself.

10-Year manufacturer warranty

Because WeatherTech is so completely devoted to customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship, each set of All-Weather floor liners comes with a ten year warranty. This warranty guarantees that your set of liners will have no defects in either the material quality or workmanship. WeatherTech floor liners have always been associated with superior durability and design, and if there is any defect, they are willing to replace the liner. WeatherTech knows you want only the best in floor protection and style. With a set of All-Weather floor liners, you’re guaranteed to get just that.