Mustang 1000 Lap Challenge at Bristol

Posted By: Jeff on 06/25/2010

Bristol Motor Speedway recently played host to a brood of Ford engineers and a new 2011 Ford Mustang for the "Mustang 1,000 lap challenge". In an effort to promote the cars 31 mpg highway millage claim, the project pony-car was driven around the high-banked, bowl-like speedway 1,457 laps. This effort required twelve and a half hours and a team of five drivers that swapped the seat out every hour. Once the deed was done, the Mustang managed to achieve its 1,000 lap decree easily. The new 305 hp, 3.7L engine swilled its 16 gallon tank at around 48 and half miles per gallon. Average speed was around 43 mph so conservative pedal use is an understatement for this run, but the final product is still impressive. Check out the video below.

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