Ford and Toyota Form Partnership To Create New Hybrid Engine

Posted By: Chris J on 08/26/2011

With new fuel regulations coming in to effect soon, Ford and Toyota have announced that they will be partnering to jointly develop a new hybrid drivetrain specifically for light trucks and SUVs. Vehicles that this development would effect would be the F-150, and Tundra, and SUVs such as the Sequoia and Expedition.

 Ford F-150

The new fuel regulations target trucks and SUVs among other cars, and urge automakers to make them more fuel efficient. The challenge though, is achieving this efficiency without sacrificing the towing capacity and power needed from this line of vehicles. Current hybrid models like the Hybrid Silverado 1500, meet the capability standards, but come up short on the future fuel economy standards.

Toyota Tundra

With this new partnership, we hope to soon have the full sized trucks that we know and love, that are also viable options to normal commuters. We are obviously moving in the right direction by coming less dependent on fuel. The compact car market has made vast improvements, and has even eliminated the need for fuel altogether for some models. It appears that the truck and SUV market is next in line.