Bull Bars

Whether you are looking for added protection or that perfect truck push bar, you'll find that truck bull bars are the perfect truck accessory. Available in both chrome and black finishes from a variety of manufacturers, choose the style that best suits your truck. Huge selection of Dodge bull bars, Chevy bull bars and more. Take control of your truck and give it the solid look it deserves.
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Truck bull bars offer a cool alternative to the classic, heavy front brush guards that have been popular for years. The advantage of a push bar is you get a heavy-duty, light-weight front end protector for your truck. Quick and easy bolt on installation in your driveway means you'll spend more time enjoying your truck and less time working on it.
  • Front end protection
  • Available in chrome, stainless and black
  • Bolt on installation

Learning Center:

A bull bar is made from tubular steel or aluminum and usually mounts under the front bumper and turns up in front of the bumper for added protection and style. Most bull bars have a steel skid plate welded between the tubes. The added protection to the front of your vehicle from a bull bar is a great thing, but the added style is even better.

A push bar is made from a combination of tubular steel and aluminum and flat steel or aluminum. The cross bars will usually be tubular with flat pieces up and down. Push bars do not usually include a skid plate.

Both bull bars and push bars mount directly to the frame of your vehicle. This makes them very strong and solid. The radiator, transmission cooler, and hoses for both are mounted front and center on almost all vehicles. The protection that you get for these vital engine components is great.

The bull bar was invented to help protect you and your vehicle from cattle and other large animals (or deer) that sometimes roam (or run right in front of you from nowhere) onto rural roads and highways. The ‘bull’ in the name refers to cattle. In Australia, they are sometimes called ‘roo bars’ because the kangaroo is a biggest road hazard there. A push bar or a bull bar will definitely help you out on the trail. You can give someone a little nudge, tie off and give someone a pull, or just feel better knowing that that big rock you just bumped didn’t even touch your expensive factory bumper.

Westin, Aries, DeeZee and Outland are all manufacturers of high quality bull bars. These bars are available in chrome, stainless and black finishes for just about every truck and SUV ever made. Most bolt on to the frames where the factory tow hooks are located and create a great place to mount additional lighting or a winch.

Either of these bars is a great addition to any truck or SUV. Whether you spend most of your time in the brush or in parking lots, a bar is a great addition for the style and for the protection. Most bars can be installed in less than an hour right in your driveway with very few tools and only one friend. Bull bars and push bars range in price from $200 to $600 dollars depending on manufacturer, finish and other options.

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