Bug Shields and Front Air Deflectors

Front air deflectors and bug shields help keep your car, truck or SUV looking good. There are several type of air deflectors for your vehicle including smoke deflectors, truck bug shields, chrome and camo bug shields. Each of these help control the air stream to deflect bugs and debris. We carry many of the popular brands including Lund, Auto VentShade, Putco and more. Several finishes available to help match your ride’s unique style.
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More About Bug Shields:

Car and Truck Air Deflectors

Air deflectors for your car, truck or SUV are a great way to protect your ride and also add an element of style. With many styles and brands to choose from your windshield will stay clean all at an affordable price. Bug shields keep your windshield clean by deflecting away bugs and other debris while driving.

Bug Deflectors and Bug Shields

Bug deflectors are called many things: hood shield, wind deflector, bug guard and bug shields are the most common. Chances are if you ever drive or have been driven, you have experienced the unavoidable bug splat. Nice! You can stop most of those splats by installing an air deflector on the front edge of the hood. Help prevent road debris from getting on your ride with a Dodge Ram Bug Shield. The air deflector changes the way the wind flows over the vehicle and will carry most bugs up and over the windshield, especially using Chevy Silverado Bug Shields. You’ll also gain some protection for your hood and the top of your fenders from rocks and other road debris.