Performance Chips and Tuners

Get serious about power with a performance chip or programmer for your vehicle from SuperChips, DiabloSport, Edge, Hypertech, JET Performance or Mopar. Enjoy plug and play functionality while adding a tremendous amount of power for low-end torque, towing, air to fuel ratio and more.
More About Performance Chips and Tuners:

Truck Performance Chips

If your looking for some mighty pickup and low end torque, you have got to get yourself a performance chip. Major bang for the buck, performance chips will tweak your vehicles stock settings to allow for better air-to-fuel ratio, more low end torque and boosted horsepower. Give your truck the added heft it needs for towing and performance with this great truck performance accessory.
  • More horsepower
  • Boost low end torque
  • Remove speed limiters
  • Recalibrate and more

Types of Programmers:

There is a great selection of truck performance programmers available including:
  • Performance Chips
  • Internet Updatable Programmers
  • Touch-screen
  • and more
Below are a few more popular brands:

Superchips Programmers

HyperTech Performance Chips

JET Performance

Performance Chip Video Demonstration:

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Automotive technology, like most other things, has come a long way in the last 30 years. Engines last longer, perform better, and are more efficient. Vehicle manufacturers have to design their products to appeal to the average driver. So, that’s how the onboard computer is set to tune the engine. Not all of us are average, and thanks to performance chips, none of us have to leave our vehicle tuned for the average driver. Performance chips give us the ability to choose how we want to drive. Performance chips are available for most vehicles and you don’t have to be a super mechanic (or even a mechanic) to install one.

Edge, Super Chips, Diablo Sport, Hypertech and Banks are leading manufacturers in the aftermarket performance chip area and Mopar has Dodge and Chrysler products covered with an OEM tuner. These manufacturers have fit all the tuning tricks for performance, towing, and fuel economy onto a single computer chip. You can go from optimal low end torque tuning for towing to tire burning - laying down rubber tuning on the fly. Performance chips allow you to have the best of all driving worlds because your engine will always operate at its full potential.

Aftermarket chips don’t make drastic changes, they restructure the fuel system to increase efficiency and horsepower, supplying more fuel at every engine speed or altering the spark timing. They also work in unison with other performance-enhancing upgrades, like cold air intakes and custom exhaust systems, to give you complete control over the systems within your vehicle. Because the chip manufacturers are not bound by the regulations the vehicle manufacturers are they can tune more aggressively.

These tiny aftermarket wonders promote faster fuel consumption as well as a noticeable increase in horsepower by making adjustments to your air/fuel ratio, ignition timing and other variables especially Dodge Ram performance chips. Plus, by enriching fuel delivery to key areas, increasing transmission pressure, improving the timing of the pistons, adjusting the shift points and RPMs on a manual transmission, and controlling the vital function of the cooling fan they’ve been shown to add as much as 20 horsepower.

Performance chips connect to your onboard computer inside the engine compartment, while others connect via the OBD-II port under the dash. A chip can be installed in less than 20 minutes by most anyone. If the manufacturer of your chip comes up with an updated program, you can download it to your chip via your PC and a USB cable. Performance chips and tuners are available for gas and diesel engines and range in price from $200 to $1200 depending on the type of vehicle you have and the options you want.

A performance chip is the fastest way to take control of your trucks performance. Install one on your ride and find out just how much more fun driving can be when you know you’re getting optimal performance from your engine.