Nerf Bars and Running Boards

Truck nerf bars give your pickup truck added style and functionality. Most trucks do not come with any type of running board or tubular nerf bar off of the lot. This gives you the perfect opportunity to add a chrome nerf bar or black powdercoated step to your truck. We carry all of the top brands including Westin nerf bars, DeeZee nerf bars, Putco nerf bars, Aries Off Road nerf bars and more. You'll be sure to find that perfect truck step at a price you can afford.
More About Nerf Bars and Running Boards:

Pickup Truck Nerf Bars and Side Steps

You'll be glad you invested in a set of nerf bars for the Dodge Ram in chrome, black or any other great style of nerf bars. With their easy installation and great looks, getting in and out of your truck has never been easier. Ford Truck nerf bars are especially helpful in climbing up into the cab.
  • Side steps look great
  • Assists getting in and out of the truck
  • Available in black, chrome and stainless
  • Non-slip surfaces
  • Easy installation

Types of Truck Nerf Bars

When you go to pick out your set, you'll be presented with many different style and options including:
  • Round and Oval
  • Cab length and wheel-to-wheel
  • Chrome and black
  • Solid end caps and plastic
Below are a few popular styles for trucks:

Wheel-to-Wheel Nerf Bars

3" Nerf Bars

4" Nerf Bars

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Have you noticed that trucks are growing? They’ve been getting taller and higher off the ground. That’s not a bad thing except when you’re getting in and out. The new trucks look great. They’re much friendlier to off road use. But most of them are a little hard to get in and out of. Where there is a problem, there is usually a solution and if getting in and out of your truck is your problem, you’ve just found your solution in a set of truck nerf bars.

Nerf bars are the bars mounted below the drivers and passenger doors that you step on when you getting in an out of your truck or SUV. They allow you to step only partially as high as without them and if you spend mush time off-road, you already know how much protection a set will give to your rocker panels.

You can find a set of nerf bars for any truck made. Just hop online and search for Dodge Ram nerf bars or Toyota Tundra nerf bars and be amazed at the results you get. If you've got a Dodge Ram Lift Kit installed then you'll almost certainly need a set just to get into your truck. Westin, Aries, DeeZee and Outland all make great quality aftermarket nerf bars. But, GM, Toyota, and Mopar can help out too with their OEM bars.

Nerf bars, sometimes called side steps or step bars, add a sense of style and functionality to your truck or SUV. They come in a huge variety of lengths to accommodate every cab style and bed length. You will need to choose between cab length and wheel-to-wheel lengths. There are round and oval tube styles to choose from. You can also choose the diameter of the tubes - 3”, 4”, and 5” are the most common. You can even choose led lighted steps, if that’s what you like. Nerf bars are made either from steel or stainless steel and available in an array of finishes including black powder-coated, chrome and polished. Stainless steel bars will last longer, usually have a better warranty, and usually be more expensive than steel bars.

Nerf bars are always sold in pairs and will include installation instructions and all the necessary installation hardware. They will come with non-slip step pads already installed. They are application specific and will mount in factory holes. Installation should take less than 2 hours with a handful of basic tools. The cost of a good quality set of nerf bars starts at around $200 and goes up depending on all the choices you make relating to style and finish.