Chrome Trim

Nothing shines like chrome for your vehicle! Very few things will get more heads to turn when you cruise by a crowd than chrome. There are more aftermarket chrome accessories available today than ever before. Chrome replacement parts are a great way to add some shine to your ride. Chrome overlays are very popular too. An overlay is typically made of a tough ABS composite material that is formed and then chrome plated. It covers the factory mirror or door handle cover and is held in place with automotive grade adhesive. Overlays look great and are less expensive than chrome replacement items.
More About Chrome Trim:

Chrome Trim Accessories for your Car, Truck or SUV

Automakers cut cost in every possible way, so today’s vehicles have very little or no chrome on them. Adding a few chrome truck accessories is a great way to separate your vehicle from the pack. Add a set of chrome door handles and you won’t have to know your license plate number to locate yours when someone driving the same vehicle parks beside you in a parking lot.
  • Set your ride apart from the crowd
  • Durable
  • Large variety of products
  • Easy installation
  • Manufacturer warranty

Chrome Door Handles

Chrome door handles come in 2-pc and 4-pc sets and are available for most vehicles. Quickly add style to your vehicle by applying these overlays on top of the existing door handles. They look great and will dress up your ride with a minimal investment. We carry a full line including Dodge Ram Chrome Door Handles, Ford Truck Chrome Door Handles and Chevy Silverado Chrome Door Handles.

Types of Chrome Trim

There are several type of chrome trim accessories available for most vehicle's including:
  • Chrome Door Handles
  • Chrome Mirror Covers
  • Chrome Tailgate Handles
  • Chrome Pillar Posts
  • Chrome Body Molding
  • Chrome Fuel Doors

Chrome Mirror Overlays

Chrome Headlight Rings

Chrome Door Handles